Advance Paris X-A600 Power Amplifier




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Power block!

The X-A600 stereo power block is the new stereo power amplifier from Advance Paris.

The linear type power supply is based on a 700VA toroidal transformer and a set of 6 capacitors for a total of 60000μF. Combined with “very high current” power transistors (NJW0281G -NJW0302G), we guarantee dynamic sound even under heavy load. .

The X-A600 delivers a power of 200 W per channel in class AB under 8Ω. A “High BIAS” switch located at the rear of the device allows the X-A600 to deliver the first Watts in sliding class A. Beyond this power, switching to class AB takes place automatically.

The X-A600 benefits from a chassis with significant rigidity thanks to its mechanical design. Each circuit is separated from the others by a compartmentalized construction ensuring effective shielding. The separate power block is an essential element of any advanced audio system. Combined with the X-P700 pre-amplifier, you can build a high-quality audiophile package capable of delicately driving all the loudspeakers while exercising absolute control of the bass drivers.

Output power 8Ω 2 x 200W RMS
Output power 4Ω 2 x 300W RMS
Frequency response 10 Hz – 80 kHz
Distortion Inf. At 0,007%
Signal to noise ratio 113 dB
Crosstalk 108 dB
AC input compatibility 115V / 230V
Standby consumption Inf. At 0,5W
consumption max. 575 W
Transformer power 700 VA
Transformer type Toroidal
Starter LINE level on RCA and XLR socket
Input Selection (RCA / XLR) Rear panel selector
Outings Bare cable, Banana plugs, Forks
High-Bias adjustment Yes
VU-meter brightness adjustment Yes (ON / OFF / Low / Medium / High)
Remote control No
Trigger socket 2 (IN/OUT) 12V
Height 210 mm
Width 431 mm
Depth 464 mm
Net weight 25 kg
Gross weight 30 kg
VU-Meter Yes


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