audiolab 6000a Play and Wharfedale Denton 80 Package


Picture for example (Silver 6000a + Mahogany Denton 80’s) Please see description for alternate finishes.

*Speaker cable not included*

Package Includes:

  • Audiolab 6000a Play – Click Here for more info

  • Wharfedale Heritage Denton 80 – Click Here for more info

Audiolab has developed a new amplifier to join their new 6000 series, this is one very versatile integrated amp which needs to set its standards very high, so let’s break them down, the 6000A comes with digital and analogue sources, wireless connectivity for any portable devices, a built-in phonostage to compliment your beloved turntable and built-in headphone amplification as well as speaker connectivity. This amplifier can pull of many pros, but it’s how exceptionally well it pulls them off. The 6000A is an easy temptation without a doubt.

The 6000A shares a few similarities with Audiolab’s 8300A with its rotary controls and large central OLED display, but, unlike the 8300A which cost more, the new 6000A incorporates a high-quality D/A conversion, enabling any digital sources to be connected directly without needing an external DAC. The 6000A has four digital inputs, three line-level analogue inputs, an input for your turntable, a favourite feature, wireless connectivity via Bluetooth and a dedicated headphone amp.

To mark Wharfedale’s 80th Anniversary, the brand is presenting an anniversary edition of one of its most popular loudspeakers, the Denton. The Denton 80th Anniversary is a classic, bookshelf two-way speaker. Beautifully crafted with hand veneered mahogany, an inset front baffle and traditional Tungsten cloth grille, the updated Denton is a classic update of the original speaker.

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