Bowers and Wilkins 704 S2


Slim, elegant and sonically exceptional

Floorstanding speaker

Looks can be deceiving. Despite its slim dimensions, 704 S2 has the commanding presence of a much larger speaker, thanks to advanced technologies such as a dedicated Continuum™ cone FST™ midrange.

“The technology highlight is the 13cm Continuum midrange driver. B&W has spent decades promoting Kevlar as the best cone material, so it’s a big thing that the company seems to be determined to replace it with Continuum as each range is renewed.

Twin 13cm drivers deliver the bass. These use cones that vary in terms of thickness and rigidity along their profile in order to give the combination of damping and stiffness the engineers wanted.

The bass output is tuned by one of the company’s dimpled reflex ports. The dimples are there to reduce noise and distortion.

Take a step back from the technology and it doesn’t take long to recognise that these speakers are really well made. They feel solid with crisp edges and have a quality finish.

The 704 S2s may be slim, but they deliver a bold, generously scaled sound that seems out of kilter with their physical form. Those twin bass drivers dig deep and give the presentation a pleasing degree of solidity and authority.”

What Hi-Fi

Slim looks, big sound

With the 704 S2, music is a revelation, with details picked out in pin-sharp detail and with exceptional realism.

Sharper detail

Carbon Dome tweeters are a brand new technology purpose-built for the 700 Series. Delivering a dramatic improvement on the aluminium double dome tweeter, they raise the breakup threshold to 47kHz, for pinpoint imaging accuracy and detail.

Truly amazing sound

Voices and instruments are delivered with purity and precision, thanks to the smooth, accurate Continuum™ cone midrange driver.

Clean and clear

The mid range drivers in these floor-standers feature decoupled design, adapted from a similar system in the 800 Series Diamond. Decoupling reduces cabinet coloration, and boosts mid range clarity.

A triumph of science

Developed using advanced computer modeling techniques, the Aerofoil™ Profile bass cone has variable thickness, providing stiffness and rigidity where it’s needed most. The result: deep and dynamic bass.

Drive units 1x ø25mm (1 in) Decoupled Carbon Dome high-frequency
1x ø130mm (5 in) Continuum cone FST midrange
2x ø130mm (5 in) Aerofoil profile bass

Frequency range -6dB at 43Hz and 33kHz

Frequency response 48Hz – 28kHz ±3dB,Sensitivity 88dB spl (2.83Vrms, 1m)

Harmonic distortion 2nd and 3rd harmonics (90dB, 1m) <1% 100Hz – 22kHz <0.5% 300Hz – 20kHz

Nominal impedance 8Ω (minimum 3.1Ω)

Net weight 18.5kg,Dimensions (W x D x H) 165 x 255 x 925 mm