Comply Foam Tips Aware Pro


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All Comply Tips are available to order. Tips may take 2-3 working days to get in-store.

  • COMPLY COMFORT: Maximize your earbud comfort and eliminate earbud pain caused by silicone tips.  Comply foam ear tips are made for all-day comfort. Body-heat activated memory foam adapts and molds to your ear providing a completely customized fit for hours of comfortable listening.
  • EARBUDS STAY IN PLACE: Never let your earbuds fall out again.  Comply memory foam ear tips are engineered to conform to your ear, providing a better grip than silicone. Whether you’re exercising, working, or going about your day, our replacement tips will keep your earbuds from falling out. TECHDEFENDER SOUND NOZZLE PROTECTION: These ear tips include TechDefender, an acoustically transparent foam that protects your earbuds and in ear monitors from wax, sweat, debris and moisture.
  • HEAR YOUR SURROUNDINGS: Our original heat activated memory foam is modified with hear through channels to maximize your activity and productivity while still being able to hear around you. Whether you are a runner, cyclist or using a wired earbud for work, these tips are ideal for hearing traffic, callouts or listening to others while funneled audio allows for clear sound.
  • COMPATIBILITY: These tips are for wired earbuds & IEMs that are not listed in compatibility for one of our core-specific tips and is best used with sound port nozzles between 0.19″ – 0.24″ (4.8mm – 6.3mm) in diameter. Always check compatibility before purchasing (see compatibility image or search ‘find tips for your device’ at the Comply Foam website).  This will ensure the tips for your earbuds will not only fit on your device, but will also work if you have a charging case.
  • TIP LIFESPAN: The lifespan for these tips depends on use and averages 2-3 months per pair. How you use the tips, body chemistry (earwax, oils, etc.), and the environment will affect how long your tips last. Replace when the tips start to flake, tear or lose their memory properties such as expanding too quickly. Tips will deteriorate if exposed to alcohol-based cleaners, hand sanitizers or lotions.


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