Comply Foam Tips Professional P-Series


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Soft memory foam replacement earbud tips make all-day listening more comfortable, stable and gloriously vibrant.

  • Peak performance: Comply™ Professional P-series tips sit deeper in the ear canal than standard products, ensuring the highest level of noise isolation. Perfect for audiophiles, performers, musicians, and others working in loud environments. Comply Professional P-series tips pair well with high-end IEMs for musicians.
  • Unshakeable fit: Ear-conforming memory foam provides a custom fit for all-day comfort.
  • Easy to use: Securely and easily attach to your device. No tools, no fuss.
  • Sound quality: The clarity and sound isolation provided by these tips ensure you can sync up flawlessly with fellow musicians and catch even the subtlest sounds of your music.

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All Comply Tips are available to order. Tips may take 2-3 working days to get in-store.


Polyurethane foam, thermoplastic elastomer (all RoHS compliant).

Does not contain latex. Black


Black, Small in Platinum


Small: 14.6 mm± 0.65 mm (0.575″ ± 0.025″)

Medium: 15.1 mm ± 0.65 mm (0.610″ ± 0.025″)

Large: 15.5 mm ± 0.65 mm (0.610″ ± 0.025″)

Width/Diameter of proximal end (end attaching to device)

Small: 10.9 mm ± 0.50 mm (0.430″ ± 0.020″)

Medium: 12.7 mm ± 0.50 mm (0.500″ ± 0.020″)

Large: 14.2 mm ± 0.50 mm (0.560″ ± 0.020″)

Tips are compatible with these devices:

Akoustyx R110
Akoustyx R115
Akoustyx R120
Akoustyx R210
Akoustyx R220
Altec Lansing® Bliss Gold
Altec Lansing® inMotion 616
Altec Lansing® inMotion 716
ASI Audio 3DME
Audiofly™ AF100
Audiofly™ AF100C
Audiofly™ AF100W
Audiofly™ AF1120
Audiofly™ AF120
Audiofly™ AF140
Audiofly™ AF160
Audiofly™ AF180
beyerdynamic Byron BT
beyerdynamic Byron BTA
Brainwavz B100
Brainwavz B150
Brainwavz B2
Caldwell E-Max Shadows
Comply™ NR-10
Comply™ NR-10i
Comply™ Plugs
Creative Aurvana 2
Degauss Labs™ Twelve Driver
Denon AH-C250
Denon AH-C400
EarSonics® SM-2
EarSonics® SM-3
Etymotic Research ER2SE
Etymotic Research ER2XR
Etymotic Research ER-4 microPro™ 4B
Etymotic Research ER-4 microPro™ 4P
Etymotic Research ER-4 microPro™ 4PT
Etymotic Research ER-4 microPro™ 4S
Etymotic Research ER4SR
Etymotic Research ER4XR
Etymotic Research ETY•COM™
Etymotic Research ety8™ Bluetooth® Earphones
Etymotic Research etyBLU2™
Etymotic Research hf2™
Etymotic Research hf3™
Etymotic Research hf5™
Etymotic Research mc2™
Etymotic Research mc3™
Etymotic Research mc5™
Fischer Audio DBA-02
Fischer Audio DBA-02 MKII
Fischer Audio TBA-04
FIX Neon Rockin’ Blue
FutureSonics™ Atrio Series (All)
FutureSonics™ Spectrum Series™ G10
Harman Kardon® EP-710
Harman Kardon® EP-720
iFrogz™ Ear Pollution LUXE
ISOtunes ISOtunes PRO IT-01
JAYS® q-JAYS® 2nd Gen
Klipsch® Custom 1
Klipsch® Custom 2
Klipsch® Custom 3
Klipsch® Image A5i Sport
Klipsch® Image e1
Klipsch® Image S3
Klipsch® Image S4A (II)
Klipsch® Image S4i (II)
Klipsch® Image S4i Rugged
Klipsch® Image S5i Rugged
Klipsch® Image X10(i)
Klipsch® Image X11i
Klipsch® Image X4i
Klipsch® Image X5
Klipsch® Image X7i
Klipsch® ProMedia
Klipsch® R6
Klipsch® R6i
Klipsch® R6m
Klipsch® Reference S4
Klipsch® Reference S4i
Klipsch® S3m
Klipsch® X11i
Klipsch® X12i
Klipsch® X20
Klipsch® X20i
Klipsch® X6i
Klipsch® XR8i
LG HBS-1100 Tone Platinum
NuForce EDC
NuForce EDC3
NuForce HEM Dynamic
NuForce HEM2
NuForce HEM4
NuForce HEM6
NuForce HEM8
NuForce Primo 8
Phiaton® PS 200
Philips® SHE9850
Philips® SHE9900
Sensaphonics 3D-U
Shure® Aonic 4
Shure® Aonic 5
Shure® E5c
Shure® KSE1200
Shure® KSE1500
Shure® SE 315
Shure® SE110
Shure® SE112
Shure® SE115
Shure® SE210
Shure® SE215
Shure® SE215 Wireless
Shure® SE315
Shure® SE420
Shure® SE425
Shure® SE530
Shure® SE535
Shure® SE535 LTD
Shure® SE846
SoundMAGIC PL-50
SteelSeries Flux In-Ear Pro
Ultrasone IQ
Ultrasone Pyco
Ultrasone Tio
Westone® Adventure Alpha
Westone® AM Pro 10
Westone® AM Pro 20
Westone® AM Pro 30
Westone® Talk Series
Westone® UM PRO 10™
Westone® UM PRO 20™
Westone® UM PRO 30™
Westone® UM PRO 50™
Westone® UM1™
Westone® UM2™
Westone® UM3X™
Westone® W10
Westone® W20
Westone® W30
Westone® W40
Westone® W50
Westone® W60
Westone® W80
Westone® Westone 1
Westone® Westone 2
Westone® Westone 3
Westone® Westone 4
Yamaha EPH-M200


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