Comply Foam Tips TrueGrip Pro


Stop worrying about your earphones falling out.

TrueGrip™ Pro tips keep your true wireless earphones in your ears whether you’re walking, running or sitting.

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All Comply Tips are available to order. Tips may take 2-3 working days to get in-store.

  • Unshakeable fit: Ear-conforming memory foam means all-day comfort – and no more chasing after an earbud that fell out.
  • Peak performance: Comply tips reduce unwanted exterior noise so you can elevate your listening at lower volumes (protect those ears!); your favorite devices will work better than ever.
  • Easy to use: Securely and easily attach to your device. No tools, no fuss.
  • Charger-friendly: Comply tips are specially designed to fit in most wireless charging cases without interfering with charging.
  • Extra Protection: Built-in TechDefender™ guard protects your earbuds’ sound port from debris, wax and sweat.

Compatible with: Bang and Olufsen EX, Devialet Gemini, SoundPEATS Truengine 3 SE, SoundPEATS H1, Master & Dynamic MW07, AKG N400, Miiego MiiBUDS Action, and more. See compatibility tab for full listing.