Dimension Screens Floor Stand Pull-up Liberator 100″

Dimension Screens Floor Stand Pull-up Liberator 100″


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  • Elegant black aluminum housing for extremely portable screen which is easy to carry and store
  • Just place the screen where you want it, snap open the case, and lift up the screen
  • Pneumatic air pistons on the back of the screen keep the screen material tight and upright
  • Black border is included for easy viewing
  • The height of feet could be adjusted in case the floor is not flat

Office Conference Room; Outdoors

*This is a professional screen. We recommend getting an AV installer to set this up.*

  • Product weight 16.5 kg
  • Package Height 165 mm, Width 185 mm, Length 2544 mm
  • View Area (WxH) 2214 x 1245 mm
  • Screen Size 100″
  • Format 16:9
  • Model No. Liberator100