Dimension Screens Nebula Fixed Frame screen


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The NEBULA Fixed Frame projection screen from Dimension Screens is suitable for diverse installations in New Zealand. Our 63 mm border Fixed Frame screen suits entry-level Home Cinema 720P and 1080P projectors.

The advanced screen material is stretched over the frame for a permanent tight-tensioned flat surface, with quality viewing results.

The screen is made of light-weight, advanced materials that are capable of delivering the highest resolutions, with a modern design look, that suit a great range of situations.

Reference White 4K 100

Reference White 4K100 is a classic cinema fabric, loved by experienced movie fans. It delivers true neutral color, perfect performance for showing much more picture details, great wide view angle. Used especially on home cinema screens and commercial cinema screens. Working excellent with 4K and 1080P projectors

*This is a professional screen. We recommend getting an AV installer to set this up.*

  • Great Wide view angle
  • No hot spots
  • Excellent uniformity and colour temperature
  • Showing much more picture details
  • Mildew resistant,flame retardent
  • Surface can be cleaned with  mild soap and water
  • Material: Flexible PVC
  • Peak Gain: 1.0
  • Color: Pure white
  • Thickness: 0.35mm
  • Half Gain Angel: 90°
Format Size (inch) View Area           (W×H), mm Border (mm)
92 2037 x 1146     63
100 2214 x 1245     63
110 2435 x 1370     63
120 2657 x 1494     63
135 2989 x 1681     63
150 3321 x 1868     63