Fosi Audio V3 Hi-Fi Stereo Audio Amplifier


  • 1. Innovative Case Cooling System
  • Replaceable Op-Amp Chips: MUSES02, OPA2604AP, OPA2134PA
  • Speaker Output + Pre-out
  • Logarithmic Taper A Pot
  • 300 Watts x2 Power Output: Fosi Audio V3 is a mini HiFi class-D power amplifier that delivers a maximum power output of 600W into two channels, ensuring a powerful and high-fidelity audio experience.
  • Innovative Cooling System Design: Fosi Audio has made significant breakthroughs in the thermal design of the V3 amplifier. There are vents on the top and bottom of the case, and the chip heatsink is attached to the case to realize the whole-body heatsink design, enhancing air circulation and heat dissipation. Its special design allows for extended usage without compromising performance or causing any detrimental effects.
  • Hi-End Sound Quality: With Texas Instruments’ TPA3255 Class-D power amplifier chip,the V3 amplifier achieves exceptional power efficiency. With audiophile-grade materials, such as Sumida professional audio inductors, NCC high-capacity filter capacitors, German WIMA Output Capacitors, Japanese ELNA Capacitors, etc. Those high-quality components allow V3 to maintain very high stability even under high-power working conditions. With the V3, you can truly have an almost distortion-free music playback experience.
  • Enjoy Linear Volume Control: Built-in logarithmic Taper A Pot, the V3 amplifier is specifically crafted to meet the demands of audiophiles, Manage the audio volume in a much finer way suitable for human ear, providing an immersive and pure sound enjoyment.
  • Customizable Sound Signature: The V3 amplifier features replaceable op-amp chips, there’re two plug-ins NE5532 Op-Amps can be replaced by MUSES02, OPA2604AP, OPA2134PA Op-Amps etc.enabling users to experiment and achieve their preferred sound signature by swapping different op-amp chips.
  • Compact and Versatile: Despite its compact size, the V3 amplifier has the capability to drive passive speakers effectively, making it a versatile choice to turntable amplifiers, CD player, and DVD for creating a complete HiFi system.
  • What you Get: V3 Power Amplifier x1, Power Adapter x1 (The plug of the power adapter will match the country of your delivery address), User Manual x1, our worry-free 24-month warranty, and friendly customer service.


Specifications Details
Model V3
Chip Set TI TPA3255
Output Power 300Wx2 @4Ω
Terminating Impedance 2-8Ω
Input Mode RCA
Output Mode Speaker Output + Pre-out
Frequency Range 20Hz-20kHz(±0.1dB)
THD 0.003%
SNR ≥110dB
Control Knob Built-in Logarithmic Taper A pot
Device Dimension 6.5×4.1×1.4 inches
DC Input Range 24-48V
Power Supply 32V/5A, 48V/5A

What‘s in the box?

Item Quantity
V3 Power Amplifier x 1
32V/5A or 48V/5A Power Adapter x 1
User’s Manual x 1


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