Goka Technology Acrylic Cartridge Alignment Protractor


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White perspex setting template (alignment protractor) for record player cartridges, with spindle hole.

For precise alignment of a record player cartridge. Prevents unnecessary wear and improves overall sound quality. A lot more accurate than (free) templates that can be downloaded from the internet.

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Instructions for use:

Mount the cartridge in the head shell, but not to tight: keep the screws a little loose enabling you to be able to still move/adjust the cartridge. Place the alignment protractor with the hole over your turntable spindle. Move both the alignment protractor and the turntable arm in such a way that the stylus is exactly above point “A” as marked on the protractor and  finish moving the protractor until the cross lines are exactly parallel with the sides of the cartridge. Repeat these steps in the same manner above point “B” as marked on the protractor. Make sure that the angle of the cartridge is identical above both point “A” and point “B” by gently twisting the cartridge into the correct position. Then tighten the screws until the cartridge is well fixed in the head shell.



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