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As the flagship system of the KEF KHT family, KHT 9000 ACE combines KEF’s latest performance enhancing innovation with an uncompromising technical specification to create a true audiophile quality 3D sound picture: incredibly spacious, intricately detailed and totally engrossing.

The holy grail of loudspeaker design has always been to generate big bass from small boxes. The trouble is, the laws of physics make this almost impossible to achieve, as bass extension relates directly to efficiency and cabinet size.

Continuing a 40-year tradition of genuine design innovation, KEF engineers have now developed a way of overcoming this apparently insoluble limitation. It’s called Acoustic Compliance Enhancement (ACE), and it works like this. In conventional speakers, cone motion is restricted by the acoustic pressure in the enclosure as the air is alternately compressed and expanded by the cone moving in and out.

The smaller the enclosure means that more pressure is put on the cone. By dramatically reducing this pressure, ACE allows the cone to move as freely as it would in a much larger cabinet, generating bass extension out of all proportion to its actual size. This is achieved by introducing granules of activated carbon into the enclosure – a material containing millions of pores ranging in size from visible fissures to holes a few molecules across.

The KEF KHT 9000 ACE satellite speakers 165mm (6.5″) Uni-Q driver array brings out the full emotional depth and texture of vocals, whether sung, shouted, spoken or whispered – hardly surprising, since it’s exactly the same unit as you’ll find on the high end Q and XQ series.

On either side of the KEF KHT 9000 ACE satellite speakers is a matching pair of long throw bass drivers with ultra-low distortion motors for low frequency response that’s as lucid as it gutsy – and thanks to KEF’s Acoustic Compliance Enhancement, what you actually hear is the level of bass extension that’s only normally obtainable with much larger speakers. To achieve a genuinely integrated look that complements modern interiors, you have the option of wall brackets or infinitely adjustable desk or floor stands with stand-mounted terminals connecting to the drivers via an ingenious sliding track system. Depending on the mounting system chosen, stand or wall bracket, the connections automatically select either the free space or wall mount response setting. The wall filter has a unique form which corrects for both the fundamental wall reflection below 200Hz and the second mode at 700Hz allowing unprecedented tonal accuracy for a wall mounted speaker.

Available separately, and with a choice of compatible powered sub woofers, you’re free to tailor yourself the set-up that best suits your tastes. If you take your entertainment seriously, it’s a blue chip investment in pure pleasure.

Frequency Response: (3dB) 75Hz – 27KHz

Dimensions (HxWxD) 555mm x 250mm x 125mm

Maximum Power Handling: 30 – 150 Watts

Sensitivity: 88dB

Enclosure Type: 3-Way closed box

Nominal Impedance: 8 Ohms

Weight: 9.9kg


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