Plinius Inspire 880

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This versatile 80 watt per channel integrated amplifier goes a step further than traditional integrated products and gives you enhanced listening from almost any source. The Inspire 880 will accept signals from your CD player, your personal computer, your AV source and even vinyl from your turntable.

Not only that but you get this versatility with a product that looks as stunning as it sounds. The aesthetic designs of the new Inspire range introduce new tones and textures to the finishes available in the Plinius range.

To listen to stored digital files all you need do is connect your music collection to your Inspire 880 via the USB input. You then use your media player to select what you want to play and stream it to your Inspire 880 which converts the digital signal to the analogue signal your speakers need. In no time at all you can be up and running with Plinius clarity refinement and power.

The Inspire 880 is a great way to bring your listening experience, from almost any source, into the world of real high fidelity.

Ground Lift Switch

This allows for the signal ground to be isolated from the main chassis earth. This can assist in resolving unwanted ground loops or hum due to duplicate ground paths in some systems.

Burr Brown DAC

The DAC and interface receiver are high performance Burr Brown components with a proven record of quality digital sound reproduction.
The chosen DAC allows playback of popular file types up to 24bit/192ks/s.

Phono Stage

A high quality phono stage comes fitted as standard. With fixed gain and loading which allows playback to a number of MM cartridges.

Digital Inputs

Asynchronous USB connection provides direct streaming from your personal computer or other media device.
Optical Toslinks allow connection from your AV sources.

  • Power 80 watts RMS per channel into 8 ohms. Both channels driven from 20Hz to 20kHz at less than 0.2% total harmonic distortion DAC CAPABILITY 24 bit, 192ks/s
  • Connectivity USB asynchronous Optical Toslink
  • Distortion Typically <0.05% THD at rated power 0.2% THD and IM worst case prior to clipping
  • Hum & Noise 90dB below rated output 20Hz to 20kHz unweighted
  • Gain Line inputs to speaker out: 38dB Phono Input to speaker out: 50dB
  • DAC Capability 24 bit, 192ks/s