Plinius Reference A-150

The Reference A-150 is an amplifier capable of the highest level of excellence, encompassing all the very best Plinius has to offer from componentry to aesthetic.

The Reference A-150 is an evolution of the SA series amplifiers that have been so popular among serious lovers of high end audio for the past thirty years. The changes made to the components, particularly the power supply in this model keep its design as fresh as its new aesthetic.

This evolutionary process has resulted in an amplification system capable of the highest level of excellence without breaking the bank.

The Reference A-150 is capable of delivering over 150W in stereo and over 450W in mono via RCA or XLR inputs. Couple these features with the Plinius signature aesthetic and you have a true force of nature.

Responsiveness and control are married together with pureness and clarity to faithfully support your speakers as they replicate the artists efforts in stunning detail for your listening pleasure.

  • POWER 150W Continuous Average per Channel into 8 ohms. 250W Continuous Average per Channel into 4 ohms
  • FREQUENCY RESPONSE 20Hz to 20kHz ±0.5dB -3dB at 70kHz
  • CURRENT OUTPUT 50A short duration peak per channel Fuse protected
  • POWER/CURRENT CONSUMPTION 485W Class A Idle. 92W Class AB Idle/Standby
  • MONO OUTPUT 450W Continuous Average into 8 ohms. 600W Continuous Average into 4 ohms.
  • DISTORTION <0.03% THD at rated output power
  • HUM & NOISE 100dB below rated output. 20Hz to 20Hz A weighted
  • GAIN RCA Inputs: 32dB. XLR Inputs: 38dB
  • DIMENSIONS (W x D x H) 510 x 455 x 220 mm
  • Weight 38 kg