Ruark R410


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At Ruark we believe in evolutionary design, but to thrive, understand that sometimes a leap must be made.
Encompassing our years of knowledge with a stunning new look, we are pleased to release details on R410, the first model from our forthcoming 100 Series.

Beautifully connected

From LPs in the fifties to CDs in the eighties to MP3s in the noughties, it’s clear that the way we listen to music is constantly evolving. Today, there is a huge range of streaming services allowing us to access music old and new. With R410, you can still connect and enjoy legacy devices such as a turntable or CD drive, but primarily this model has been designed for streaming and making the very best of the amazing music and radio services that are available online.

At the heart of R410 lies a powerful processor, capable of supporting the highest quality audio files and streams, including Spotify Connect, Tidal Connect, Apple Airplay 2 and Chromecast built-in. The processor also provides a slick user interface, handling commands from R410’s RotoDial controller and smartphone apps, and promptly displaying the interaction on the new high-resolution colour display. Meanwhile, the portrait orientation of the display emulates the way that we view music services on our smartphones, making it intuitive and convenient.

Designed to be seen

With exquisite attention to detail, perfect proportions, and a modern take on seventies-inspired styling, R410 is a product designed to enhance interior spaces. From the hand-crafted grille and cabinet to the precision-formed components, only the finest quality materials have been used. Further adding to R410’s aesthetic is the new material that we’ve selected for the grille construction and enclosure. Engineered from sustainable woods that have been spliced, coloured, and recomposed, the resulting eco-wood closely resembles slow growing hardwoods, but with the added benefit of consistent grain patterns and colour that’s less prone to change with time. A feature carried over from our R-Series is our RotoDial control system. Aside from minor updates this has been a unique characteristic of Ruark products since the introduction of our R1 in 2006, but for 100-Series we have improved its design further, making it a tactile treat to use. In addition, a matching rechargeable remote is also included with R410. Bluetooth connectivity means that aiming is not required – and like a quality watch, it’s an item that customers will love to use, as it looks and feels so good.

Engineered to be heard

The striking design of 100 Series conjures up high expectations in sound, and in this respect R410 delivers. The optimised reflex enclosures within the cabinet provide ideal conditions for our new long throw NS+ bassmid units. These units are larger in diameter than those in previous models and deliver seamless, powerful, and controlled bass through to a natural mid range, before our custom 20mm tweeters (from our award winning MR1 speakers) take over the high frequencies, adding superb detail and ambience. As a new phase for Ruark, for the first time we’ve selected new generation digital amplifiers for R410. Providing high efficiency and output with ultra low distortion, the compact form of these devices has allowed us to mount a complete two-channel amplifier assembly directly onto the rear of each bass mid unit, keeping important signal paths optimised and as short as possible. Along with audiophile-grade components, Burr-Brown DACs, a fully active speaker system and the latest audio processing technologies we have achieved a magical leap in performance that will connect customers closer to the sounds they love. After three years of development, we are truly excited to showcase what 100 Series offers and believe that R410 is the start of a new and exciting chapter for Ruark.


  • Streaming support includes Spotify
  • Connect, Tidal Connect, Apple Airplay 2 and Chromecast built-in
  • High resolution music file support up to 24-bit 192kH
  • DAB/DAB+/FM & Internet radio
  • aptX HD Bluetooth connectivity
  • HDMI with eARC
  • TOSLINK digital input (24-bit 192kHz)
  • UPnP™ media server compatible
  • RIAA phono input
  • Rechargeable RotoDial Bluetooth
  • remote included
  • High-resolution 4in colour TFT
  • Fully Active 120W RMS Digital Class
  • D amplifier
  • 2 x 20mm silk dome tweeters and 2 x 100mm long throw NS+ bass mid units
  • Dual bass reflex enclosures
  • H133 x W560 x D290mm
  • 9.5kg


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