SendyAudio Peacock


Classic, Elegant & Luxury Hifi Planar Magnetic Wood Headphone

Comfortable wearing & no pressure on headExquisite design, high-end materials, complicatedand refined craftsmanship 88mm large diameter film and high efficiency electro acoustic energy conversion makes its bass amazing and elastic. The mid and vocal is natural, delicate and gentle, and the original sound is presented vividly.The diaphragm is made of ultra-thin and high rigidity composite material, which ensures that thehigh frequency is bright and transparent, and it is still slim and warm and without harshness. The high frequency can be extended to 40KHz. The sound stage is wide and natural.

QUAD-FORMER Technology QUAD-FORMER Technology: the planar magnetic driver is made of double magnets + double sides of coils on diaphragm + double coils on each sides of diaphragm. Double sides of coils means there is coil on each side of diaphragm. Double coils means there are two coils on each side of diaphragm, so there are totally 4 coils on the diaphragm, which makes the diaphragm do the same vibration for the same frequency. Double sides magnet provides the same magnetic power in the field. Four coils and double sides magnet ensure excellent magnetic energy conversion, small distortion, good consistency and high music reproduction ability, which makes a real feeling of listening music in a living concert.


Cable & Adaptors

8-core 6N OCC braided cable ensure no signal loss during transmission. The connector to the headphone side is mini XLR 4 pin, which makes better balance and consistency for the sound quality. The XLR 4 pin cable is detachable to the headphone side, which is convenient for upgrading cable. The cable is with slant design on the headphone housing, which is beautiful and ensures that the cable does not fall on the shoulder when wearing the headphone. The stock cable is with 4.4mm balanced connector. There are adaptors with connectors of 6.35mm and XLR 4 pin in the package, which can cover almost all audio devices.


The carrying bag is made of brown real leather with retro bronze metal accessories, which shows the nobleness

Golden Logo

The highlight golden brand logo and L/R marking is made by complicated and unique technology, which looks fresh, pleasant and innovative.

Headphone Housing

The grille on the headphone housing is the design like a peacock spreading the tail, and its looking is very unique. The headphone is named by this special design. The black and the gold steel grillle reflect each other with distinct layers, which can not only show a decorative aesthetic feeling, but also have a good effect of tuning the sound quality with the special arrangement of each hole. All the gold parts on the headphone housing is 24K gold plated. The wood headphone housing is made by precise CNC carving, combined with multiple processes such as polishing, painting, natural drying etc.

Metal Components

Bracket and metal parts are made of aviation aluminum material by CNC machining. They are with high strength and durability. The bracket with window arrangement design is unique and innovative.


The earpad is made of goatskin and memory foam. It wears soft and comfortable. The ergonomic and special-shaped earpad matches the ears perfect and there is no sound leakage. L & R marking is distinct and easy to identify. The earpads are detachable, which can be replaced easily and conveniently.


Gold color embroidery thread and soft goatskin combine together to make unique and exquisite design. The headband is made of goat skin. It is soft and wears comfortable. The headband design is ergonomic, so there is no fatigue after long time wearing

Style Over ear
Transducer type Planar magnetic driver
Transducer size ? 88mm
Frequency response 20Hz – 40KHz
Sensitivity 103dB +/- 3dB
Impedance 50 Ohm +/-15%
Cable length 2.0 M +/-0.2 M
Connector ? 4.4 mm balanced
Weight 578 g