Shanling ME100

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Smooth & Sleek Design

Overall design is inpired by the shape of water droplets, smooth and sleek, perfectly fitting the house sound of Shanling audio products.

10mm Dynamic Driver with Nanocomposite Diaphragm

Custom made dynamic driver, with magnetic flux density exceeding one tesla. Such driver offers better energy efficiency and improved transient respnse. And to enhance performance of mid and high frequencies, special lightweight CCAW voice coil is used.

At the same time, this driver is great match to any portable player or phone thanks to its low impedance and high sensitivity.

Hi-Res Certification

With dynamic driver response extending up to 40,000 Hz Shanling ME100 was awawrded Hi-Res certification by the Japanese Audio Association. We recommend to use ME100 with our Hi-Res music files, offering superior sound compared to standard CD format.

High-strength All-Aluminum Construction

The 6000 series aluminum alloy is used not only to provide the toughest construction, but also to reduce the internal harmonic resonance. Further Complex optimization of the cavity space ensures the delicate texture of the low and mid frequencies.

Driver 10mm Dynamic

Wire Oxygen-free copper

Impedance 16 ohms

Sensitity 111 +/- 3 dB

Frequency Response 20 – 40,000 Hz