Shanling ME200

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Unique Faceplate Design Inspired by Luxury Watches

Using same manufacturing process as certain luxury watches, we managed to create uniquely looking “sunburst” faceplate. When covered by layer of clear resin, it creates interesting Illusion of depth and helps ME200 really stands out among other earphones.

Package Includes

Earphones, earphone cable, 10 pairs of eartips, leather earphone case, manual, cleaning brush

,Collection of Eartips

With three different types of sound alternating silicone eartips, coming in three different sizes, everyone will be able to find just the right tips for their ears and sound preferences. And for better comfort and even higher noise isolation, pair of memory foam eartips is included

,Hi-Res Certification

With response extending all the way up to 40,000 hz, Shanling ME200 was awarded Hi-Res certification by Japan Audio Society. We recommend to use ME200 with our Hi-Res certified portable players to experience full potential of High-resolution music files.

,Easy to Drive

Thanks to low impedeance and high sensitivity, ME200 represent ideal partner even for audio sources with weaker output, such as smartphone and tablets.

,Furukawa Silver-Plated Copper Cable

ME200 comes with replaceable quad-core silver-plated oxygen-free copper cable. This cable effectively improves mid-high preformance and detail retrieval, making overall sound cleaner and punchier.

,Dual Driver Hybrid Technology

Smooth and Delicate Music Experience

For ME200 we worked directly with Knowles, US based manufacturer of balanced armature drivers, to get their driver customized exactly to our intended tuning. We then combined it with our proprietary dual magnet dynamic driver to get smooth and dynamic sound, that is great fit for modern pop and rock music, especially for fans of strong vocals.

Drivers Balanced Armature and Dynamic driver,Impedance 16 ohms,Senitivity 111 +/- 3 dB,Frequency Response 20 – 40,000 Hz,Connector 3.5 mm Jack,Cable Length 1.3 m

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