Shanling SCD1.3 CD/SACD Player and Streamer


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With its SCD1.3, Shanling unveils a high-end SACD CD player featuring the AKM AK4499EX + AK4191EQ DAC chip combo, XMOS XU316 USB interface and TPA6120 headphone amplification. Multifunctional, the Shanling SCD1.3 offers many other possibilities in terms of Hi-Fi configuration.

Shanling SCD1.3 CD Player - MusicTeckShanling SCD1.3 CD Player - MusicTeckShanling SCD1.3 CD Player - MusicTeckShanling SCD1.3 CD Player - MusicTeckShanling SCD1.3 CD Player - MusicTeckShanling SCD1.3 CD Player - MusicTeckShanling SCD1.3 CD Player - MusicTeckShanling SCD1.3 CD Player - MusicTeckShanling SCD1.3 CD Player - MusicTeckShanling SCD1.3 CD Player - MusicTeckShanling SCD1.3 CD Player - MusicTeckShanling SCD1.3 CD Player - MusicTeck

Shanling SCD1.3: MediaTek ME1389EE playback system and Sanyo HD870 laser

The SCD1.3’s CD playback system enables it to fully exploit the capabilities of both high-resolution SACD and standard CD discs. It is equipped with a MediaTek ME1389EE drive and a Sanyo HD870 laser head offering excellent performance.

Photo du système de lecture CD SACD du Shanlink SCD1.3

Shanling SCD1.3: AKM AK4499EX and AK4191EQ chip combo

The SCD1.3’s AKM chip combo enables it to render highly detailed sound over a wide soundstage, while retaining Shanling’s soft, warm sound signature. In addition, a high-precision MUSES8902 volume controller enables the SCD1.3 to be directly associated with a power amplifier or active loudspeakers.

Shanling SCD1.3: XMOS XU316 USB interface

If you want higher-resolution streams than SACD format, you can always use the USB-B input and the XMOS XU316 USB interface, which supports up to PCM 32 bit 768 kHz and DSD512.

Shanling SCD1.3: 3 digital outputs

The Shanling SCD1.3 incorporates three digital outputs, allowing it to be paired with a more powerful DAC if desired. The I2S output via HDMI is FGPA-optimized and directly compatible with 10 different HDMI I2S pinouts. The SPDIF and optical coaxial outputs also enable simplified connection to a DAC. SACD disc playback will be converted to 88.2kHz on its digital outputs.

Shanling SCD1.3 compatible HDMI I2S brochures

Shanling SCD1.3: MTouch touchscreen and Bluetooth functionality

The SCD1.3’s 5″ touchscreen uses Shanling’s Mtouch technology and an Ingenic X2000 processor for smooth, precise touch navigation. It’s also thanks to Shanling’s Mtouch technology that the SCD1.3 benefits from Bluetooth 5.0 functionality, Wi-Fi connectivity and support for DLNA, AirPlay and NAS protocols. Bluetooth 5.0 enables the SC1.3 to support high-resolution Bluetooth codecs such as SBC, AAC, aptX HD and LDAC.

Front view of Shanling SCD1.3

Shanling SCD1.3 overview

Shanling SCD1.3 connection diagram
1 CD / SACD player
2 5″ touch screen
3 Switch CD / SACD
4 Standby / volume control
5 Stop / Eject
6 Play / pause
7 Previous
8 Next
9 Remote control signal reception
10 6.35mm headphone output
11 USB-A port (U-Disk)
12 Digital outputs: I2S HDMI / SPDIF Coaxial / Optical Toslink
13 Analog outputs: stereo RCA / balanced stereo XLR
14 Digital inputs: USB-B / SPDIF coaxial / Optical Toslink
15 Antenne Bluetooth / WiFi
16 IEC power supply
Shanling SCD1.3 CD SACD player / DAC
Inputs CD/SACD
1x USB-B
1x SPDIF coaxial
1x Optical Toslink
1x USB-A (U-disk)Bluetooth
Outputs 1x RCA stereo output
1x XLR balanced stereo output
1x I2S output via HDMI
1x SPDIF coaxial output
1x Toslink optical output1x 6.35mm headphone output
DAC chip AKM AK4499EX + AK4191EQ
USB interface XMOS XU316
Headphone amplifier chip TPA6120
Supported Bluetooth codecs SBC, ACC, aptX, aptX HD, LDAC
Supported sampling rates SACD : 88.2kHz
USB : 32bit 768kHz DSD512


Output level 2.5Vrms
Frequency response 20Hz-40kHz (-0.1dB)
THD+N 0.0005%
Dynamic range 119dB
SNR 119dB


Niveau de sortie 5Vrms
Output level 20Hz-40kHz (-0.1dB)
THD+N 0.0005%
Dynamic range 122dB
SNR 122dB


Output power 1.1 W @ 32Ω
153mW @ 300Ω
Frequency response 20Hz-40kHz (-0.1dB)
THD+N 0.001%
Channel separation 75dB@32Ω
Dynamic range 122dB
SNR 122dB
Output impedance 4.7Ω


Dimensions 280 x 280 x 96mm
Weight 6.6kg
Color Silver
Package 1x Shanling SCD1.3 CD/SACD Player DAC
1x Power cable


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