Thorens 403 DD


The purist and audiophile claim of the new model is emphasised by the omission of an auto stop function and integrated phono preamplifier. The new turntable is powered by a 24V power supply

With the new TD 403 DD model, Thorens is expanding the range of direct-drive plug-and-play turntables in the 400 series. Visually a real Thorens, the new TD 403 DD has the same proven, smooth-running drive as the successful TD 402 DD, but is characterized by a more massive 1.4 kg heavy and 22mm thick cast aluminum turntable and the audiophile tonearm also installed in the new TD 1500 model TP 150 from its smaller brother. A high-quality and pre-adjusted 2M Blue pickup from the Danish pickup specialist Ortofon is also supplied as standard. This proves to be an adequate playing partner thanks to its naked diamond with an elliptical needle cut. The new TP 150 tonearm is also used on the newly introduced Thorens TD 1500 model and is similar to the TP 124 installed on the new TD 124 DD. It has an effective mass of 14 grams, is adjustable in height and azimuth, and features a Equipped with a standard SME connection, so that nothing stands in the way of changing the headshell or equipping it with a different pickup.

  • Smooth Running Direct Drive
  • Thorens TP 150 tonearm
  • Detachable headshell with SME connector
  • Massive 1.4 kg and 22 mm thick and ground die-cast aluminum platter
  • Pre-installed pickup system Ortofon 2M Blue
  • Function: puristic manual record player
  • Drive system: direct drive
  • Motor: DC motor 24V
  • Speeds: 33-1/3, 45 rpm.
  • Speed select: electronical
  • Platter: 12“ / 1,4 kg Die-cast aluminum platter with 22 mm hight
  • Tonearm: Thorens TP 150 with SME headshell
  • Cartridge: Ortofon 2M Blue with nude elliptical stylus
  • Phono preamplifier: no
  • Anti-Skating: anti-skating weight, which is adjusted on a nylon thread guided over a ruby bearing
  • Shut off: no
  • Power supply: external power supply 24V DC
  • Dimensions: 420 x 150 x 360 mm (W x H x D)
  • Weight: 7,2 kg
  • Finish: black high gloss, walnut high gloss, top board aluminum
  • Scope of delivery: power supply, acrylic dust cover, RCA cable


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