Tributaries Model 6SP Speaker Cable


All Series 6 audio cables are meticulously assembled by hand in Orlando, Florida. Series 6 Star-Quad Speaker cables begin with ultra-pure highly conductive oxygen-free copper (HC-OFC) developed specifically for audio applications.  Two 11AWG conductors consist of multiple solid gauges that are mathematically and tonally chosen to support low, mid and high frequencies for a natural sounding cable. Individually insulating each conductor yields zero strand interaction and better sound quality. It is important to understand that music passing through the speaker cable, is actually an AC voltage, so when voltage passes through twisted wire, there will be additional magnetic fields. Tributaries Star-Quad design not only alternates the positive and negative signal conductors but also alternates the twisted lays in each multi-gauge conductor. Alternating lays cancels all levels of magnetic distortion. The end result is a neutral sounding cable

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