Tributaries Series 4 Bi-Wire Speaker Cable


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Designed for use with high performance bi-wire speaker systems, Tributaries Series 4 Bi-wire cable, model 4BW is made with the Star-Quad SP4BW cable. It is designed to delight the most discerning audiophile. What is Star-Quad geometry? Simply put, Star-Quad geometry consists of four conductors wound together in a “positive, negative, positive, negative” configuration.  The result is the cancellation of opposing electromagnetic fields generated by each conductor pair. This design improves the system’s performance by preventing EMI noise from entering and distorting the signal. For improved sound clarity and sound stage the SP4BW is also made with propriety cable geometry designed to reduce distortion. Each conductor is constructed with 6 bundles of stranded wire wound around a larger solid center conductor that is insulated with a precision formulated PE dielectric. This design ensures low- loss, superior imaging and maximum definition. In addition, the SP4BW is a hybrid Bi-Wire made with two 14AWG conductors which are designed for connection to the low frequency loudspeaker driver terminals while two 16AWG conductors are designed for connection to the high frequency terminals. At the amplifier end two 12AWG conductors are achieved by combining one 14AWG and one 16AWG conductor for superior power handling capabilities. The 4BW is available terminated using your choice of BP101 banana plugs and/or SL8 spade lugs.

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