Tributaries Series 4 ‘Y’ cables – 3.5mm RCA Terminated male > male_male


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The Series 4 Portable Electronics Y Adapter cables enable you to connect your PCs sound card or a portable audio source, like an IPod® with a 1/8” mini stereo plug to your home stereo system with left/right RCA audio inputs.  The MMM version is configured with one male 3.5mm stereo mini plug split to two male RCA connector and is available in lengths of 1meter, 2meter and 3meter. 4YP adapter cables begin with ultra-pure highly conductive oxygen free copper (HC-OFC) developed specifically for audio applications. Tributaries Twin-Axial cable design is perfect for unbalanced analog audio systems. In the Twin-Axial design there are dedicated conductors with equal impedance for positive and negative signals. The signal conductors are wrapped with dual shielding to keep noise from reaching the single path. Conductors are solid gauge to prevent grainy distortion caused by stranded wire. The Series 4 Portable Electronics Y Adapter cable is high performance cable that looks as good as it sounds

Available in two configurations: MFF and MMM. The Series 4 portable electronics Y adapter MFF cable is stocked in 8inch lengths. The MMM version is stocked in 1meter, 2meter & 3meter cables. Cables are sold in each.


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