Tributaries Series 8 True Balanced XLR


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Directional twisted pair three conductor design. each conductor has dual-gauge construction, maximising the balance between bass and midrange/high frequency signals, while improving resolution. Conductors are heavy 20 AWG Long- Crystal Oxygen Free Copper ( LC-OFC). Long- Crystal Copper is drawn to reduce the amount of crystal ‘boundries’ in the conductor, reducing distortion and improving clarity. LDPE dielectric. Dual Shielded – Aluminium Mylar wrap with 100% coverage. OHFC copper braided shield with 95% coverage. Gold plated solid brass XLR connectors. Termination to XLR connectors via Tributaries famous 360 degree surround soldering technique, providing superior ground connection. Woven ( black ) jacket over a UL® CL2 PVC jacket.
Designed by Jay Victor and hand made in Orlando, Florida. USA.