ZMF Headphone Eikon

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Eikon / ˈī-ˌkän (ahy-kon)

An Eikon can be an image of the imagination,a dream. For years I had wanted to make a wood headphone from scratch. Finally with the ZMF Eikon, our first proprietary wood headphone, that dream is realized. Starting back in 2010 with closed t50rp modifications, I cut my teeth figuring out how to properly damp closed headphones. In developing the Eikon, I took that knowledge and applied it to our wood cup design, creating a closed headphone that won’t make you miss your open-backed counterparts.

The Eikon utilizes the perfect mix of a linear mid range and treble with a boosted sub-bass for a musically neutral tinged sound. The Eikon produces clean, fast and engaging sound, while delivering a true closed experience with 24 dB of noise isolation.

Sonically, the auteur takes the Eikon’s general downslope tuning and shifts it slightly towards neutral with the perforated Eikon pads, or brings you to what most would consider complete neutrality with the auteur pads. Regardless of your taste in sound signature, the auteur will cater to your needs with each set of earpads. Unlike many open designs, the bass extends deep and hits hard when called for.

Like our entire line-up, the auteur and Eikon are meant to complement each other, not replace each other in tuning and every-day use. The Eikon’s absolute isolation and punch, and the auteur’s liquid neutrality will suit your every need.

Frequency Response Approximately 10 Hz to 25 KHZ

Impedance 300 Ohms

Sensitivity 98 dB/mW

Weight 530g