Bowers and Wilkins P7 Wireless


Bowers & Wilkins | P7

Bowers & Wilkins Over-Ear Headphones P7 – a truly immersive sound combined with the luxurious comfort and impeccable build quality you expect from Bowers & Wilkins. We’ve drawn on everything we know about speaker technology and created a new standard for portable hi-fi sound quality.

Superlative sound
The Bowers & Wilkins Over-Ear Headphones P7s employ a brand new kind of headphone driver with a diaphragm focussed purely on the job it’s supposed to do: generating sound. This results in a drive unit with a more precise, controlled movement – a giant leap forward in sound quality.

Performance and design
Sound performance with the Bowers & Wilkins Over-Ear Headphones P7 is a revelation, delivering a wonderful sense of space, balance and clarity across the entire frequency range. The over-ear design and snugly-fitting ear pads also ensure a totally immersive and exhilarating experience.

Removable ear pads
The Bowers & Wilkins Over-Ear Headphones P7’s pure leather ear pads are held in place with an inventive set of magnets. This allows them to be detached for easy cleaning or replacement should they become damaged or after extended use. Why buy a new set of headphones when all you need is clean or new ear pads? Clever yet extremely practical.

Swappable cables
The Bowers & Wilkins Over-Ear Headphones P7’s cable comes with a remote/microphone attachment, so it works seamlessly with your iPhone. Because the cable is so easy to detach and swap, the P7’s are also compatible with all other mobile phones, iPads, tablets and other MP3 players. The ultimate in sound – on all devices.



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