Goldenear Invisa 650 In-Ceiling/In-Wall Speakers


2 only models that a customer did not use and went for dipoles

bargain.In dipole box but great buy

The 525 and 650 are designed for in-ceiling and in-wall use. Solidly constructed of a marble-infused polymer, the unitized structure actually has the extraordinary high-definition wide-dispersion driver built as an integral part of the frame/flange construction in order to minimize their footprint. The driver motor structures and cone/voice coil assemblies (5.25" in the 525 and 6.5" in the 650) are based on those utilized in GoldenEar’s Tritons and Aon speakers. Of course, both also incorporate the GoldenEar High Velocity Folded Ribbon (HVFR™) tweeter and a complex crossover to perfectly blend the drivers for superb performance. Price per Pair.



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