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The Best Hi-Res Music Experience Ever Experienced

Enjoy truly authentic Hi-Res Audio in a compact body, the HiBy R6 Pro is designed for master-level sound quality and the utmost sonic purity.

Dual ES9028Q2M DACs

The dual ES9028Q2M DACs of the R6 Pro are coupled to the amplifiers in current mode output, providing unlimited power to the R6 pro to perfectly reproduce every nuance of the music and drive every pair of earphones to their utmost。

Panasonic tantalum POSCAP capacitors

The power supply comprises 4 200µF and 6 47µF, in total 10 Panasonic tantalum POSCAPS. With incredibly low ESR, these capacitors make the power supply filtering stage more effective than ever for even more pure sound.

Elna professional audio capacitors from Japan

Also utilizing two 220µF Elna Duorex capacitors in the amplification stage, raising the transparency of the R6  Pro's output.



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