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Terms and Conditions

AV WORLD 2016 LIMITED is a New Zealand registered company and our Customer Service Team and Retail Shop is located at the address of 49 Mackelvie Street, Ponsonby, 1021. AV WORLD 2016 LIMITED provides its customers the option to buy online from its “Online Retail Shop” or its “Physical Retail Shop” located in Ponsonby, Auckland. The AV World sales team is available 7 days a week to answer all your questions and assist you with your purchase. You can contact AV World by Phone or Email. We are open 7 days a week. 

The customer agrees to this sale agreement and accepts its terms and conditions.

Currency and Pricing
All AV World 2016 Limited prices are stated in New Zealand Dollars (NZ$). All prices include GST. Company GST: 119-240-115.

Address Verification
Please note that goods will not be delivered until the address has been verified as that belonging to the credit card holder. This is a fraud prevention measure.

Payment transactions
For any payment transactions through this website, the NZ registered business name of “AV WORLD 2016 LIMITED” will appear on the cardholder statements. “AV WORLD 2016 LIMITED” will clearly display all prices, unless the stock is unavailable. All transactions will be billed in a Bank of New Zealand-approved foreign currency.

How do I cancel or amend my order?
If for any reason you need to cancel or change your order, please do not email us but instead call us on (09) 630 1204 as soon as possible. Our system is designed to fill orders and get them on their way to you as quickly as possible, so the sooner we hear from you, the better!  Cancellation of orders placed with us will be subject to a minimum 20% restocking fee, 10% fee if paid through Afterpay, 6% fee if paid through Laybuy, and goods must be in unopened condition. Freight charges will not be credited under any circumstances.

If I order more than one item, will I be charged extra for delivery?
You will only be charged one delivery fee per order, regardless of the number of items you order. Special rates apply for installation, or delivery to remote areas.

Formation of Contract
The contract is formed only when the goods are dispatched by AV World.

New Zealand Warranties
All our products are supplied by N.Z. Distributors so all warranties are supported within N.Z. On very rare occasions when the distributor is out of stock or a product has become obsolete and no more are available in N.Z. to replace your unit there may be a shipping wait for a replacement to come to the distributor from overseas. If no replacement can be sourced then either an alternative product or credit will be offered.

Consumer Guarantees Act 1993
Where the buyer is acquiring the product for the purpose of business then the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993 shall not apply. In the event the buyer is acquiring the product for purposes other than that of a business, then these conditions of sale shall be interpreted subject to the purchaser’s rights under the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993, to the intent that no provisions shall any way limit the buyer’s rights under the Act. For more information about the Consumer Guarantees Act click here.

Payment for all goods or services shall be made in full on the receipt of delivery of Goods or the provision of Services. Interest may be charged on any amount owing after the due date at the rate of 2.5% per month or part month. Any expenses, disbursements, and legal costs incurred by A V World 2016 Ltd in the collection of overdue accounts shall be paid by the Customer, including any solicitor’s fees or debt collection agency fees/costs. We only accept credit cards issued in NZ. We do not accept overseas credit cards. If transacted and accepted, we require valid ID (full proof of identity and address verification documents are required, to support the transaction).

Payment Authorisation
After placing your order, please call your bank (credit card department) and ask for the ‘Authorisation Code’ against the last the transaction from AV World. This will usually be a four to six digit number.

You will need to supply this prior to your order being shipping. Please phone or email this to us.

Errors or Omissions
AV World is entitled at any time to correct all errors and in any advertising, quotation, pricing, invoice or acknowledgement. While our best efforts are made to keep our stock levels and pricing accurate we cannot be responsible for any errors in stock levels and pricing.

Description of Products
AV World relies on information from its suppliers and product manufactures. Descriptions, illustrations and literature are therefore not binding on AV World. If the goods do not match the description on AV World’s website, the buyer should inform AV World immediately. AV World is not required to send an item of higher value.

AV World reserves the right to dispatch the buyer’s order in one delivery or by instalments. Any quotations of delivery times by AV World are made in good faith but are estimates and AV World shall not be bound by such quotation.

Out of Stock Products and Back-orders

If a product is ordered but later found to be out of stock the AV World reserves the right to put the order on back order and confirm a suggested ETA with the customer. The customer may ask AV World to either find or offer an alternative (similar) product (if an alternative option is available) price differences will need to be paid by the customer if the cost is higher or if cheaper the difference refunded by AV World to the customer or if the ETA is to far, offer a full refund to the customer.

Returns, Replacements and Refunds

We want all AV World customers to be a happy with their online purchase. When required, please ask the AV World staff for expert advice before you make a purchase. Under the Consumer Guarantees Act, AV World is not required by the law to offer a refund if the Buyer decided they do not want the goods anymore after the purchase. The Act only applies when the goods do not meet one of the consumer guarantees. A return may be looked at individually by AV World to decide whether to accept the return or not. Please contact our Customer Service before returning any product. All new products have a minimum 1 year warranty. Where goods are accepted (for credit or refund at the AV World’s discretion) they must be delivered at the buyer’s expense to our AV World Ponsonby shop, not opened in original condition and packaging. Refer to the “Change of Mind Refund” guidelines at the website.

Faulty Repair and Replacement

All faulty repairs and replacements go direct to the service provider and are repaired or replaced under warranty. Only items within their warranty period can be covered under warranty. Warranty period starts from the date of invoice (not time of delivery). Products outside of the warranty period can be returned for repair at the customer’s expense.

Product Servicing and Repairs

When you need your product repaired, AV WORLD are happy to assist in getting your pride and joy working again. Whether this is a product you have bought from us, or elsewhere, AV WORLD has excellent repairers.

We take every effort in handling your product with care thoughout the process, but are not responsible for marks and damaged from receiving unpacked, or unboxed products.

Please note that repairs can take up to 3 weeks to quote on.

Repairs that have been left here for more than 3 months will be sold or disposed of with no further contact.

Shipping of faulty products or credits

The shipping or delivery of items for return for credit or fault to the returns team is the responsibility of the customer. AV World will organise the return freight for the replacement product back to you. If the product that was sent to AV World has no fault found we will charge for delivery back to the customers address. This is standard RTB (return to base procedure). If the wrong product has been supplied at AV World’s error e.g. you ordered a DVD player and received a CD player. Then AV World will pay the return freight for you, this will be done by either courier pickup at your premises or posting a courier ticket to you or reimbursement of the freight cost at the same cost that was charged you to send the original item (depending on product and service team depends on what method above is used).

Courier Delivery – Acceptance of Goods

Please check what you are signing for

Once accepted you are signing for a product that has been delivered in good condition

For lost / non-received items customers have up to 2 weeks to make a claim. Following this period, AV World is not liable to follow-up missing items. 

Any damage breakages are the liability of the customer once signed for and accepted. Please check packaging carefully.

However we will do everything we can to work with the courier company for a resolution if an issue is found.

Faulty Returns

All AV World products have a minimum of 1 year warranty as covered by the Consumer Gaurantees Act 1993. The warranty period will be printed on your invoice. Please contact us before returning any goods.

Goods Damaged in Transit

AV World is meticulous when shipping goods sent to our customers. However sometimes things go wrong. When accepting goods from AV World by courier or freight company, please examine the goods carefully PRIOR to accepting and/or signing for. Once the goods are signed for any damage and responsibility for damage rests with the person signing for the goods.

AV World’s Liability and Maintenance Guarantee

The buyer shall ensure that the goods ordered are fit and suitable for the purpose for which they are required before purchasing and the AV World is under no liability if they are not. The buyer is entitled to only such benefits as AV World may receive under any guarantee given to AV World by the manufacturer of the goods. The warranty does not cover damage from misuse, accident, negligent, inappropriate or improper operation, maintenance, installation, modification or adjustment. AV World’s liability under this contract and the warranty in this clause is confined to the buyer named in this contract, it being agreed that AV World has no liability to any purchaser of the goods from the buyer in that the buyer’s rights under the contract are not assignable without the prior written consent of AV World.