Gram Amp 2 Communicator MM Phono Preamp


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We made the Gram Amp 2 Communicator phono preamp so that you can have a rousing performance from your vinyl records without having to shell-out the big-bucks for it.

We also made it upgrade-able so you can get more out of it simply by changing the power supply to the PSU1, as affirmed by What Hi-Fi?.

The Gram Amp 2 Communicator is a phono preamp for high output cartridges (moving magnet, high output moving coil and moving iron), and is best used into a line/aux input on a preamp, integrated amp, or receiver.

It is supplied with a basic (“green energy”) power supply which self adjusts to your voltage, and has a choice of power plug types to suit your power outlets; and you can upgrade by swapping over to PSU1 power when you’re ready.

A Whole Lot of Musical Satisfaction

Budget phono preamps are usually a basic circuit put in an attractive looking case, with fancy packaging and a low-ticket price.

The sound you’d get is so-so, and after a while you’d get bored and do something else.

That’s not what we want for you. We love vinyl so much that we want you to love it too!

That can only happen if we open your ears to the great sound contained in your vinyl records.

But doing that on a budget isn’t easy – something has to give. And with the Gram Amp 2 Communicator we made the savings on the case and packaging so we could give you a whole lot more in musical satisfaction.

An Absolute Bargain

It isn’t something new – we’ve been doing it since 2000. The first Gram Amp soon started clocking-up “the stars” in Hi-Fi magazine reviews and the first Gram Amp 2 (now in its 18th year) went legendary.

The concept quickly forked into two different phono preamps — this the Communicator; and the higher output Special Edition (click to see).

To get started, or return to the wonders of vinyl records on a budget, the Gram Amp 2 Communicator is a great product to buy.

They’re still hand made by our UK engineers (and in the UK!). The sound is good straight out of the box, but will improve in the first two weeks or so. The Gram Amp 2 Communicator, like all our products, is best kept on all the time (so doesn’t have need of an off switch), and in doing so it will always be ready to amaze you.

Input range 2mV to 10 mV
Output 168 to 841 mV for input range above
Maximum input level 58mV
Input impedance resistive 47k Ohms
Input impedance capacitive 220pF
Output noise (‘A’ weighted) -75dB
Reproduction characteristic RIAA within 0.5dB
Total Harmonic Distortion plus noise < 0.02%
Channel balance 0.1dB
Channel separation 64dB
Size (approx.) 115 x 85 x 45mm


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