iFi Gemini Dual-Headed USB cable


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The Only Cable of its Kind to Fully Separate the Power and Audio Signal

Superb Connectors, Incredible Shielding, Custom-Designed RF Shielding All Standard

Another first from iFi: The progressive manufacturer’s Gemini is the only USB cable of its kind that fully separates the power and the audio signal in two cables, netting grain- and edge-free music reproduction. Gemini‘s special geometry adheres to the 90-ohm impedance specification even better than the USB 2.0 standard. In addition, FINAL USB machined connectors provide stellar end-to-end shielding while custom-designed triple RF silencers provide the widest possible filter range without affecting the USB signal. Sonically, Gemini is the cable you want.

Avoids Interference and Geometry Issues Common to USB Cables

By carrying audio and power in two separate cables, Gemini avoids the interference issues that plague common audiophile USB cables, particularly since power is heavier gauge and audio lines possess more cores – to say nothing of geometry distinctions. In Gemini, power and audio signals are thus individually transferred and free of transmission problems. Your music will sound the way the artists and producers intended.

,FINAL USB Connectors Provide Remarkable Shielding

While the fact that signals run through both the cable and the connector is common knowledge, a majority of USB cables cheap out on the connector by using molded plastic covers. But since plastic cannot shield the high frequencies in the USB data link, noise radiates out and sound is compromised. Durability also becomes a troublesome issue. iFi eradicates any such problems by using FINAL USB connectors that afford superior end-to-end shielding. Machined entirely from solid aluminum and gold plated, they are the new standard in connectors.

,Enjoy the Silence

Outfitted with three custom-made metal oxide ceramic RF noise silencers that cover different effective ranges, Gemini even addresses RF issues – most other cables ignore it. Not only does Gemini broaden the range over which RF noise is silenced, its middle silencer is adjustable in order to “detune” the antennae formed by the cable depending on the system conditions and requirements. of the wide-range RF silencers affect the USB signal. Enjoy the silence.

,Pair With the iFi iUSBPower for the Ultimate in USB Quality

A twin that dares to be different, Gemini attains zenith performance when paired with the iFi iUSBPower power supply, forming a combination that delivers the ultimate in USB audio sound quality. That two compact, budget-priced audio devices can produce such divine results is almost unthinkable. But as iFi keeps proving, anything is possible.

Compatable with HIgh-Speed USB2.0 (24Bit/192Khz and higher supported) ,Conducters: Heavy OHFC continuous cast copper ,Insulation: Polyethylene,Shielding: Dual Shields,Impedance 90 ohms,Connectors iFi ‘FINAL’ USB connectors