iFi Groundhog


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Does your audio system suffer from an annoying hum, buzz or hiss?

Electrical safety and EMC Legislation require certain ways of designing AC power systems. This legislation does not consider audio systems and is mandatory. It can lead to the irritating issue of hum, buzz, hiss and general interference in certain systems where:

• The system includes at least one AC mains powered device or has an AC mains charger attached and it has no Ground/Earth at all

• The audio system has at least two AC mains powered devices which leads to more than one, multiple Ground/Earth connections.

The solution:

Adjust the audio system so that One and only OneGround/Earth connection is presented for the whole system.

All you need to do use a standard IEC power cable to connect the Groundhog to your audio system. The Groundhog then adds back the missing Ground/Earth connection to dissipate noise.

The iFi Groundhog is multi-talented as it includes a variety of connections to suit just about any audio system.