iFi iPurifier2


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Leading the field in USB audio technology

The iFi obsession with cleaning up the USB audio chain continues. Drawing from the knowledge pool of AMR and on the heels of the iUSB3.0 comes the iPurifier2. It is an Asynchronous Active USB Purifier Repeater. It offers 100X to 100,000X [1] noise reduction for USB Power, underpinned by REclock®, REgenerate® and REbalance®. It is so intelligent, it is an active USB repeater so it can extend USB lengths. Used at the end of the chain, just select the type A, B [2], C or micro USB connector version to enhance any and every USB audio device

  • Active Noise Cancellation® military-grade circuit for 100X to 100,000X noise reduction
  • REgenerate® and REclock® asynchronous technology to eliminate jitter
  • REbalance® re-corrects USB signal balance to cancel DC offset noise
  • Compliant with USB Audio Class 2.0 for DSD/PCM/DXD formats (to 768kHz and beyond)
  • Aluminium aircraft-grade ‘Final’ connector (impedance 90 ohms)

USB 3.0 + 2.0 compatible input port, USB 2.0 High Speed output port

Connectors iFi ‘FINAL’ Solid aluminium USB connectors (impedence 90 ohms)