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The Linn Trikan Loudspeaker is an attractive and compact, high performance, infinite baffle loudspeaker designed primarily for center channel applications. Offering pitch accurate sound quality and substantial power handling, the Linn Trikan Loudspeaker complements the appearance of the Linn Katan and Linn Ninka Loudspeakers and is voice matched to them for seamless integration in surround sound applications.

The Trikan can easily be configured as a passive or aktiv loudspeaker. Two removable, reversible link connection boards (patent pending) on the rear of the Trikan, automatically identify and configure the appropriate input links for passive or aktiv playback requirements. The link aktiv connection boards enable the Trikan to be easily and quickly configured either as a single-wired or bi-wired passive loudspeaker, or as a bi-amplified aktiv loudspeaker.

The Trikan offers superior and accurate center channel reproduction with Linn or other high performance multi-channel application systems. The Trikan may be positioned above or below a television and wall mounted brackets are available to make the Trikan loudspeaker even more versatile in center channel and multichannel applications.

The Trikan center channel loudspeaker is available in attractive maple, black ash and American cherry finish, complete with black grille cloth, from qualified Linn outlets worldwide.

A soft dome high frequency driver with neodymium magnet that provides an exceptionally clean and open sound

New custom bass/mid range polypropylene drive units with a strong die-cast chassis and dual field shaping magnets that produce a detailed mid range and deep, tight bass response

Fully shielded drive units enabling the Trikan to be placed close to a television, monitor or computer without causing picture interference

A high specification crossover that ensures accurate reproduction across the frequency range

High quality internal cabling to the Trikan’s input terminals help to deliver optimum signals to each drive uni

Type: 2 way infinite baffle loudspeaker
Frequency response: passive 75Hz-20KHz +/- 3dB
Frequency response: active 60Hz –20KHz +/- 3dB
Input impedance passive: 4 ohms
Input impedance: active 6 ohms treble, 4 ohms bass
Efficiency: 91dB for 1W at 1m at 1KHz
Crossover options: Treble level can be reduced by 1dB on the crossover board
Wiring options: Single wiring, bi-wiring, bi-amplification passive and bi-amplification aktiv
Minimum amplifier power: 30W 8 ohms, 60W 4 ohms
Drive units: 19mm treble, neodymium magnet, fully screened 2 x 130mm bass/mid, cast chassis, fully screened
Dimensions H 540mm x W 170mm x D 230mm
Weight 11kg


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