Philips GoPix1

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Ultra slim, premium, and engineered with aluminum, the Philips GoPix 1 easily connects to all USB-C and HDMI devices such as laptops, tablets, or smartphones to project an image of up to 75″ in True 480p resolution for up to 2 hours.

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Your Ultimate Smartphone Companion

  • Ultra Slim and Premium
  • Up to 75″ display
  • Easy USB-C connections
  • Built-in speaker & 2h battery
Advanced LED Light Source

Advanced LED Light Source

The powerful LED light source displays rich, vivid colors and will last up to 30,000 hours. You won’t need to replace it since it lasts 20 years with an average usage of 4 hours per day! Additionally, the power consumption is far lower than a regular lamp based projector, which means you benefit from a bigger screen and fully immersive experience, all through an eco friendly device!

75" image in your pocket

75″ image in your pocket

GoPix 1 is the smallest and brightnest projector out there projecting a massive 75″ display pocket. It is equipped with the latest TI DLP LED light source that lasts over 30,000 hours. You can easily connect it to your phone, laptop or game console to enjoy all the entertainement you like in any room and position! The GoPix 1 is so small that you can carry it in your suit pocket.

Long-lasting, PowerBank Ready!

Long-lasting, PowerBank Ready!

Thanks to the micro USB port, you can connect any power bank and extend the projector’s battery life wherever you go!

Ready for the road

Ready for the road

The USB-C video port lets you connect to all your smart devices including laptops, smartphones, or tablets to watch all your favorite content. You can also use the USB-C charge with any PD charger so you won’t need to bring extras in your bag. There is also a versatile HDMI port that gives you the freedom to connect all your other devices.



No need for extra sound systems, the built-in speaker delivers the performance you need in a small package.

Ultimate design

Ultimate design

A super slim 18mm projector featuring premium dark grey metal finish with glass protection lens. The cabinet design has been engineered to create a passive heat dissipation. Moreover, both the cabinet vent system and speaker moulding have been designed for improved rigidity.

Versatile stand, Auto Keystone

Versatile stand, Auto Keystone

The tripod screw allows for dynamic visual orientation and projection. You can project a range of entertainment on the ceiling, wall, or mount it on your laptop and always get a straight image thanks to the auto keystone.

TI DLP technology

TI DLP technology

Texas Instruments DLP technology, used in 9 out of 10 cinemas worldwide, delivers vivid pictures, deep contrast, and a bright image in any conditions.


Display technology: DLP
LED light sources: Last over 30.000 hours
Contrast ratio: 600:1
Resolution: 854 x 480 pixel
Throw ratio: 1,2:1
Screen distance: 27cm – 199cm / 10” – 78”
Aspect ratio: 16:9
Focus adjustment: Manual
Keystone correction: Manual/Auto
Resolution supported: 1920 x 1080 pixel
Recommended usage: 75” max in dark room
Auto rotate: Yes


1x Mini HDMI
USB Type-C: 2x power and video


Weight: 0.25  kg
Unpacked (W x D x H): 78.2 x120 x 18 mm

Standard package includes

User guide: yes
Warranty card: yes
Tripod: yes
Remote control: yes
Mini-HDMI to HDMI cable: yes
USB-C cable (charge & video): Yes

Power source

Internal battery: 3,600 mAh
USB powered: Yes 12V 1.5A
Battery lifetime: Up to 2 hours


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