Shanling M6 Case


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Different from the common problem of artificial leather, Napa calfskin has a smooth and soft surface and good elasticity of leather, which can be used in leather cases for durability. The fine pores on the cowhide give the cortex good air permeability, helping the M6 to dissipate heat faster.

Microfiber cashmere inside

The surface of fiber cashmere has a strong sense of fluff, which gently protects the M6 while enhancing the anti-slip property; the thinner fabric of 0.3mm has good breathability, allowing the M6 to better dissipate heat.

60 handmade crafts

The special stitching fashion of the leather case needs to be presented by a good level of craftsmanship. Material selection, cutting, matching, sewing, oil edge, copper stamping, etc. 60 craftsmanship, customized M6 exclusive design.